Alaskan Grown Dog Food

Dear Budget Feed,

I would just like to say thank you for your Alaskan Grown Dog Food. I have a Boxer that, like many dogs of this breed do, has several skin allergies. Desota has been going to the vet's office nearly 3-4 times a month for his allergies since he was 6 weeks old. I've spent I don't know how many hundreds of dollars a year trying allergy testing, pills, creams, ointments, drops, etc. and nothing has been able to stop his breaking out.
Even when we did find an allergy pill that worked somewhat better, I didn't use them very often because they were damaging to his heart and could have given him a heat attack. Desota is 6 now and has lived in several states and different climates and I could find nothing in any of the places that was common enough to assume that  was what he was allergic to.
I heard about your dog food from a friend that also has a Boxer in the valley. I have now had Desota on your dog food for about 18 months and am so excited to say that I have not had to take him to the vet's office for anything other than his yearly shots! He no longer has daily, weekly or monthly breakouts, his skin and coat are shiny rather than dull and flaky. He looks great, and is maintaining a healthy weight.
Since I have been using your food, I have had several of my friend's try this with their dogs as well. It works wonderfully for their coats and works well for any breed.
Wasilla, Alaska

Hey there,

When we adopted our lovable large breed mutt, he was about 3 or 4 years old. He was a great dog, but not much of a hiker. After the first mile or so of a hike or snowshoe, he would start getting ahead of us by 20 or 30 yards and then lay down and wait for us to catch up. That was his strategy for the remainder of the hike. After every outing, it was typical for him to cry/whimper every time he stood up during the following day or two. He was pitiful! After a particularly rough snowshoe outing, he cried when he stood for days. And it just got worse and worse. We took him in to the vet where we were told his knees were damaged and he would need a $2,000 surgery. That was a bit out of our budget so we asked for a plan B. The vet gave us a huge bottle of Rimadil for the pain, but said it would only offer short term relief. A couple weeks later, someone suggested we try the Alaska Grown Dog Food. God bless them!! Our dogs ate it like candy! And amazingly, our big guy's problems were GONE. Not just from the last injury, but all the whimpering and crying and difficulty with hikes. Gone. He has been eating this dog food for three years now and he seems like a younger dog today than the day we got him! Friends who hadn't seen him for a while said they almost wouldn't believe he was the same dog. Full of energy, healthy, athletic, and endurance for miles and miles without any pain. We (and our pup!) cannot thank you enough for this dog food. And the chihuahua says it's pretty tasty too :)

Sarah R.

Sutton, AK

Soon after I bought Budget Feed, this customer came to me in near tears thanking me for buying the business and continuing to make our Alaska Grown Dog Food. She had been on the verge of having her dog put down to relieve it's suffering when another customer of ours recommended she try our food. Here is her story.

Budget Feed produces a dog food that has made a REMARKABLE difference in my dog's life. Our dog suffered from allergies that resulted in itchy, dark gooey ears, runny eyes and a hot inflamed abdominal area. She was so miserable. Rubbing, scratching. rolling, digging in her ears, shaking her head, panting, this was her life for so long as we searched for relief for her.
We tried many veterinarians that gave us many different medications and every dog food on the market, including Iams AND Eukanuba AND all the so called "natural" food .
I am so thankful that I no longer have to search for relief for my dog's allergies. She is a changed dog, no more agony for her. All her allergic symptoms are GONE! Four years ago her relief came not from medications that veterinarians gave her and not from all the high priced commercial dog food, but from a small feed store in Palmer, Alaska that produces a clean and wonderful dog food, that my dog loves to eat and experiences so many benefits from eating it.
I am so happy and so is my dog Micki. Thank You Budget Feed!
Palmer, Alaska
Here's another one
Dear Mike,
Your dog food is amazing. I really didn't hold out much hope when you first suggested it a few months ago. I've been cooking ground beef, rice and potatoes with mixed green vegetables for my 8-year-old German Shepherd for years. Her food allergies had first manifested as wet, itchy ears with yeast and bacteria developing. As her allergies progressed, she only got worse, with flatulence, diarrhea and misery. When I had to feed her an expensive commercial dog food for six weeks this winter while I was trying to find a house and moving frequently, she scratched off almost all of her coat and her belly was purple with inflammation. When I put her back on her from-scratch diet again, she had developed an allergy to rice too.  Clearly, we couldn't go on.
On your advice, I gradually introduced her to Budget Feed dog food. It took a few weeks, but the inflammation on her belly is gone. It is soft and pink again. Her thick, gray elbow calluses are completely resolved and her coat is thick, shiny and full again. Her ears are dry inside and smell healthy. A friend who hadn't seen her since the spring couldn't believe that she is the same dog. The second best thing is that I don't have to cook for her every day anymore.
I've got to say that the research you put into developing and milling your own brand of feed from Alaska products has probably saved my dog's life.
Thank you.
Palmer, Alaska
We started getting our rabbit feed from Budget Feed Store when our Albino Hare was sick and I took in two new bunnies. We also had two dogs, and Akita and a 50# mutt that we got from the Friends of Pets adoption service. He was always grumpy, sick and smelled REALLY bad, even after a bath. After trying some of the more expensive brand foods, we kind of gave up on dogs foods and then we tried your locally made food. WHAT a difference in just a few days! No more goop in the eyes and it has turned Sparky into a happy 8 year old puppy. He begs for his food and will even get me out of bed to feed him if I sleep in past his feeding time. Sparky no longer smells like a pile of rotting meat, he's lost weight, and is the happiest little dog. The Akita has also dropped a few pounds and his coat went from brittle to soft and silky. Everyone I've told about it says it works and they continue to purchase it for their pets and we've been using it for over two years, now. Our neighbor has a dog that is part Shar-pei and had an extremely bad skin condition and had to wear a cone forever. They started feeding him the food and his skin cleared up. We can't thank you enough....Keep making the "stinky" dog food....It works!
The Timinskis Family
Willow, Alaska

            Love your dog food! I had tried several 'premium' brands for sensitive stomachs because of my dog's stomach problems.  One of them gave him an allergic reaction, so I tried a prescription food, which eventually did the same thing.  My vet said I might find success with your dog food, so I tried it last spring, and all his stomach and allergy problems seem to have stopped.  It's good stuff! I plan to keep him on this good, healthy dog food from now on.  Thanks - -


Palmer, AK


Dear Mike and Ruth,
I feel compelled to let you know that Nickers has really worked for me.  Your advice, Mike, in how to introduce it to my finicky, 20-year old Thoroughbred mare, Lady, has been invaluable. We struggled so hard last winter to put weight on her, feeding her straight alfalfa supplemented with one of the imported commercial brands of rolled oats and molasses. This diet worked fine down in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago but couldn't put the weight on her under even the mild winter conditions in Palmer last year. Regular worming and good teeth also weren't enough.
Since I started supplementing her grass hay late this summer with 8 lbs. per day of Nickers, she has dramatically improved over only two months from a ribby, old girl back to smooth barrel contours and the shiny summer coat of a healthy horse. She charges around the pasture near the Reindeer Farm outrunning her four year old warmblood filly. When I ride her, no one can believe she is such an old mare. Her pep and enthusiasm for life are a relief for me after all the concern over her condition through last winter. I think that going up to twice daily feedings will make all the difference this year if it gets really cold.
When I drive up, Lady greets me with a welcome nickering. She really does ask for it by name.  Thank you for Nickers. It has really turned my old mare around. I can't attribute her improvement to anything else.
Best wishes,
Terri Rogers

I have been feeding my elderly mare Nickers since I got her a week ago. She has gone from a dull “old nag” to a feisty, prancing girl.  She’s even put on a bit of weight, and her spring coat is coming in shiny and sleek.
Becky & Scott Oviatt
Other proud Butte residents

Grow & Show
I would like to thank you again for your sponsorship this last season, my bulls did great on the Grow & Show. They have put on weight before the season and continued to keep it on under a lot of stress during a long and hard season. You don’t see rough stock used as much as these down south. I will continue to feed the Grow & Show as long as I have my animals. You are more than welcome to use my name and business for your web site. Thanks again and I will call in a couple of weeks
Micah Robertson
Soldotna, Alaska
Rafter RH Bucking Bulls

Thanks for the excellent chicken food and service, Budget Feed! Our laying hens have never been healthier since changing to your feed. After losing several birds, losing egg production and getting thin shells, we've finally found a product that has satisfied our birds' nutritional needs and is a fine value as well.
Jared Schumacher
Wasilla, AK

This last winter was hard on our flock, we lost over half of them to the cold, and predators.  I had doubts about the rest of the hens, as egg production was almost nil this winter.  We have been feeding layer/grower since fall, and now that the days are getting longer, and production has picked up, I have to say that the eggs they are laying are the best they have ever been! We are getting more eggs from our half a flock than we got from our full flock last summer!  They LOVE the layer grower!  We plan on raising some Cornish Cross for meat this year. I can’t WAIT to see how they turn out!!
Becky & Scott Oviatt
Other proud Butte residents

Frosty's Sunny Goat Blend
Our goats love the Frosty’s, and won’t eat anything else. Our mama goat is still producing milk, and her kids have been gone (sold) for a month now.
Becky & Scott Oviatt ( other proud Butte residents )

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