Life is change!!

Alaskan Grown Dog Food

After 40 years, the economy is forcing a change.

Call me @ 907-745-3962 with any questions.

We MUST cut our overhead and try to return to profitability.  Consequently we are converting to a EXCLUSIVELY WHOLESALE BUSINESS MODEL and closing our retail  operations.

First, THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers for your continued support of our products.  Let me assure you, WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS and selling ALASKA GROWN DOG FOOD and BUDGET FEED LAYER/ GROWER and other products.

Our Palmer and Wasilla customers will now be able to buy Alaska Grown Dog Food at new retail locations in both cities that provide you with better availability. .

We are counting on all of our customers to continue to purchase our products at these new retail locations: we will not make it if you do not.

Again, we need you now more than ever.  Our Alaska Grown Dog Food (AGDF) and Layer/ Grower have continued to sell well and even increase sales.  We are now wholesaling AGDF to locations from Anchorage to Fairbanks and seeking others.

Loss of Lawn and Garden sales to Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, and even Three Bears have caused us to make this move.  Feed sales are just not enough to keep the retail doors open.




Great News!!!

Other Retail Locations.

           Alaska Mill and Feed                 Alaska Feed               Ri-Generation Nutrition

                          1501 E. 1st Ave.                               1600 College Rd.                              12812 Old Glen Hwy

                           Anchorage, AK                                  Fairbanks, AK                                    (Fire Lake Plaza) 

                            (907) 276-6016                                  (907) 451-5575                                    Eagle River, AK

                                                                                                                                          (907) 622-1829

                                                                                   Big Lake IGA                 

                                                                                        (Old Steve's Food Boy)

                                                                                       Big Lake, AK 99652

                                                                          (907) 892-7000   



Our sister company division:

Alaska Greenhouses 

We're offering locally manufactured greenhouses, high tunnels, and low tunnels

Right Here In Alaska!

Please click on the above link to take you to our web site.


Thanks to all of our faithful customers!

Budget Feed and Farm 1st Anniversary

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