About Budget F & F
Hello!  And thank you for visiting Budget Feed & Farm online.

Son Charles, Mike, & Ruth. Now History--Our retail location for 38 yrs.
I am Mike Presley and I am thrilled to continue the operation of such a trusted institution.

Budget Feed & Farm has provided quality animal feeds since 1972.  Using fresh, local Alaska grown ingredients, the founder, Bob Thom, perfected his various formulae to cater to the special needs of Alaskan livestock.  These efforts have culminated in our unique feed products to serve pet and livestock owners' needs.

People today are more aware than ever of the effects of preservatives, dyes, fillers, bone meal, and soy products on themselves and their pets.  Experts are now leaning to more natural or “holistic” diets for not only humans, but also pets and livestock.

We will be providing the same quality of feed products Budget's customers have come to expect and depend upon.  We have also expanded our product lines with locally manufactured Agricultural High Tunnels and Greenhouses.  Call us and lets talk about which of products best suit your pets and your gardening needs.

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